The Three Bernedoodle Sizes: Tiny, Mini, and Standard

Doodles are everywhere these days. And the Bernedoodle is one of the newest kids in town, not yet having existed in dogdom for even 20 years. But dog people far and wide have been turned onto this hybrid breed, and its popularity is growing. One of the best things about it is its versatility! Meaning, the Bernedoodle, like most doodles, can be bred to be many different sizes.

Want a Bernese Mountain Dog-sized pooch that’s got the Poodle’s non-shedding coat and smarts? Then the Standard Bernedoodle is calling your name. Or, are you intrigued by the Bernedoodle, but don’t have much space in your home, or had more of a petite lap dog in mind? There’s a Bernedoodle for you too—the Tiny Bernedoodle. And there’s a wide range of options in between.

Bernese Mountain Dogs come in one standard size—weighing between 80-110 pounds and standing 23-28 inches tall when full grown. Poodles, on the other hand, come in a range of sizes, from the Toy Poodle at around 10 pounds clear up to the Standard Poodle, closer to 70. Those who have experienced ownership of the hybrid between these two breeds have been delighted, by its seemingly perfect blend of the Bernese Mountain Dog’s loyalty and laid-back yet playful and friendly nature, and the Poodle’s intelligence and hypoallergenic coat. So why not package up these highly desirable traits in Bernedoodles of all sizes?

Whether it’s the Tiny, the Mini, or the Standard Bernedoodle, these dogs, in their range of sizes, are accessible to anyone in any size space or living situation. Read on for a primer on each size.

Tiny Bernedoodle

These wee ones, also known as Micro or Toy Bernedoodles, are the result of breeding a Toy Poodle to a Bernese Mountain Dog. Interesting, we know. Alternately, they can be the result of breeding a Toy Poodle to a Mini Bernedoodle (the next size up, as we’ll see in a moment).

A typical Toy Poodle weighs in at a grand total of between 6 and 9 pounds, and stands less than a foot tall at the shoulder. This heavyweight is bred to either a Bernese Mountain Dog or a Mini Bernedoodle, which typically weighs 20-45 pounds and stands 18-22 inches tall.

Et voila! A Tiny Bernedoodle. These weigh 10-24 pounds, and stand 10-17 inches tall. This size will cost you more than the bigger sizes, because they’re harder to breed and often need more vetting. And on that note, finding an ethical breeder for your Bernedoodle is always important, but especially in the case of the tinies. These hybrid micro-pups are bigger money, and some breeders prioritize getting the tiny size right over the health of the pups. Needless to say, a puppy bred in this manner can have a lifetime of health problems.

Mini Bernedoodle

The slightly larger Mini Bernedoodle is the result of breeding a Miniature Poodle to a Bernese Mountain Dog, resulting in a pleasantly mid-sized pup. Miniature Poodles are usually about 15 inches tall, and weigh 12-20 pounds. The resulting Mini Bernedoodle will likely weigh 20-45 pounds and stand 18-22 inches tall.

Again, the sizes smaller than the Standard will cost you a bit more dough since they’re harder to breed. But the upside with both of these smaller varieties is obviously that they’re great for small living spaces like apartments. Whereas the larger Standard Bernedoodle really ought to have a yard to burn energy off in, the Tinies and the Minis will do just fine with less space, as long as they get at least one good solid walk a day.

Standard Bernedoodle

Some throw in a fourth classification before the Standard, calling it the “Medium Bernedoodle,” referring to that unique grouping of those that are too large to be called Mini Bernedoodles but too small to be called Standard. However, the more common categories are the three—Tiny, Mini, and Standard.

The Standard Bernedoodle is the result of breeding a Bernese Mountain Dog to a Standard Poodle, the largest of the Poodles. A Standard Bernedoodle will be a large dog, however the ultimate size is hard to predict, as both parent breeds can vary in size. There are some Bernese Mountain Dogs that are as small as 50 pounds, and Standard Poodles can range from 20-80 pounds. Ultimately, your Standard Bernedoodle will likely weigh over 50 pounds, and more likely to be closer to 70-90 pounds when full grown, and will stand 23-29 inches tall at the shoulder. Predicting Standard Bernedoodle size is far from an exact science, but you can make an educated guess by asking your breeder about the sizes of the breeding parents, and the sizes of any prior pups from the pair. And males will usually grow up to be bigger than females. Also, this larger size tends to come with a less hefty price tag!

A Note on Bernedoodle Size and Lifespan

As with dogs in general, smaller ones live longer on average. But even Standard Bernedoodles, the largest of the Bernedoodle bunch, can live good long lives, longer than some other “big dogs.” They generally live 12-15 years. But the smaller ones are more likely to live 14-17 years, and the Tiny Bernedoodle can live up to 18 years. Many factors can contribute to how long they’ll live—like how well you do at getting them good care, feeding them good food, and keeping their minds sharp by exercising them, spending time with them, and giving them visits with other people and dogs.

So while there may not yet be much in the annals of history on this relatively new breed, rest assured that thanks to the broad spectrum of Poodle sizes available, there’s a Bernedoodle size for you. This novel breed has been safely bred at Tiny, Mini, and Standard sizes. Whether you’re looking for a large Bernedoodle, a tiny teacup version, or something in between, there’s a Bernedoodle size out there that’s perfect for you, your home, and your family.

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